Finger Lakes Christian School
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Finger Lakes Christian School
Important dates:
3/28 - Parent/Teacher conferences - we do ave school.
4/1-4/3 - ELA State Tests
4/25 - 5:30 Home Volleyball vs. Syracuse
4/27 - 5:30 Home Volleyball vs. Baldwinsville
4/28 - 5:30 Home Volleyball vs. N. Spencer
4/23-24 - Book Fair
4/30-5/2 - Math State Tests
4/4 - Open House/Concert


BAD WEATHER? FLCS never delays opening - we are either open or closed. If the district you live in is closed or delayed, check out our School Closing Info to see what to do.

Thu., 3/13   Most districts are delaying for two hours, so we will begin classes at 10:00. Our doors will be open at 7:30.